He said to them in reply, “Why are you so frightened, O you of little faith?”  - Mt 8:26

Reflection. God calls you by name.  He sees you and understands you as He made you.  He knows what is in you, all your peculiar feelings and thoughts, your dispositions and likings, your strength, and your weakness.  He views you in your day of rejoicing and in your day of sorrow.  He sympathizes in your hopes and your temptations … He hears your voice, the beating of your heart and your very breathing.  - Cardinal Newman

Prayer. Almighty God in heaven, You know me, I belong to You.

Jesus gave them this answer, “Amen, amen, I say to you, the Son can do nothing by Himself.  He can do only what He sees the Father doing.”  - Jn 5:19

Reflection. Be patient with God.  Wait for Him to lead you.  To pray means to ascend.  We ascend to the source of our power, the source of our joy.  He will come to show you the way with clarity.

Prayer. Lord Jesus, teach me how to pray even as You taught Your disciples.  Send Your Spirit into my heart so that I may pray with You to the Father, and follow His Will.

When you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret.  - Mt 6:6

Reflection. God does not make Himself heard in any voice that reaches your ears, but in a voice that your heart can well perceive.  He will then speak to you by such interior lights, such sweet touches in your heart, such tokens of forgiveness … in a word, such voices of love, as are well understood by those souls whom He loves and who seek for nothing but Himself alone.  - St. Alphonsus Liguori

Prayer. Lord, I am here.  I love You.  Help me to be quiet and attentive.

Therefore, I say to you:  ask, and it will be given you.  - Lk 11:9

Reflection. We often pray by our gut feelings.  A confused teenager may find himself crying out, “God, I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know what I want, or what I should do.  Help me.”  Or a young mother will catch herself saying, “Please, God, help me get through this day without murdering my children.”   These are cries of pain that are real prayers.

Prayer. Lord, how many times I have cried to You for help.  Thank You for being there whenever I needed You.

The Spirit helps us in our weakness.  For we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with sighs that cannot be put into words.   - Rom 8:26

Reflection. There are many kinds of prayer; liturgical, vocal, and contemplative prayer, to name a few.  However, there is one prayer that is unlearned and spontaneous.  It is the prayer that comes from the Holy Spirit acting in the depths of the soul.

Prayer. Dear Jesus, open the eyes of my heart that I may see You and enjoy Your smile.  Even when I am exhausted and full of pain, Your Spirit prays in me and through me.

Jesus our Lord … was handed over to death for our sins and was raised for our justification.  - Rom 4:24-25

Reflection. Jesus was afraid in the garden that night.  He was not afraid of death itself, but of the manner in which He would die.  He was human like us.  When you are feeling afraid, remember that the servant cannot be greater than the master.

Prayer. Lord, teach me not to run away from my cross.  By Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.

For the doctrine of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to those who are saved, that is, to us, it is the power of God.  - 1 Cor 1:18

Reflection. Too many people would have you believe that the perfume of God is pain and suffering.  It is not.  Love comes in many disguises.  The cross is a sign of total self-giving and love.  God’s perfume is happiness.

Prayer. O Lord, grant me the courage to take up my cross and follow You.  Make me understand that it is through the cross that I learn how to die with You, so that I may also rise with You.

They were amazed to see the fearlessness shown by Peter and John and to discover that they were uneducated ordinary men.  - Acts 4:13

Reflection. Joy and confidence are true signs of the presence of the Holy Spirit.  It was the Spirit Who raised Jesus from the dead, and the same Spirit lifts us all above our weakness.  What an amazing cause for joy!  We are not alone.  The Lord lives in us.

Prayer. Holy Spirit, soul of my soul, live in me and give me the courage to proclaim the glory of Your Name.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us exult and rejoice in it. - Ps 118:24

Reflection. Wherever there is a heart that overcomes selfishness, violence, and hatred — wherever there is a heart that reaches out to someone in need — Christ is risen from the dead, risen today … May the whole world rise in Him.  Alleluia.  - Pope John Paul II

Prayer. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we rejoice in Your joy and we live in Your love.  Help me to reach out to someone in need today.

The two disciples described what had happened on their journey and how He had made Himself known to them in the breaking of the bread.  - Lk 24:35

Reflection. Each day at Holy Mass, Catholics kneel in the Presence of the Blessed Eucharist.  They recognize the Lord’s true Presence and worship Him in a spirit of joy, as they receive Holy Communion.

Prayer. How blessed and privileged we are, O Lord, to recognize You in the breaking of the Holy Bread, and to be nourished by You.

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