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Such is the complete reliance upon God that we have through Christ. Obviously, we are not competent of ourselves to take credit for anything as coming from us. Our competence comes from God. —2 Cor 3:4-5

Reflection. The gift of confidence is deeper in your soul than you may imagine.

The mere fact that you are reading these daily meditations means that you are finding your confidence in Jesus. To pray to Christ is both to love Him and to rely on Him.

Prayer. Dear Jesus, I am hopeful, I am grateful, and I am confident thanks to You.

And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Comforter to be with you forever, the Spirit of Truth . . . [Who] dwells with you. —Jn 14:16-17

Reflection. The Indwelling Trinity is closer to you than your own heartbeat. His comfort is available at will. Let the Lord be your strength, and your joy.

Like water at the kitchen sink, you need only turn on the spigot to draw it out; so is the Holy Spirit waiting to be invited into your life.

Prayer. Almighty God, I open myself to You; comfort me so that I may comfort others.

This is indeed a grace, if you endure the pain of unjust suffering because you are conscious of God. —1 Pet 2:19

Reflection. It is normal to want to run away from the cross. Do not be surprised if you are not up to carrying it. But how pleased the Lord is with those who pray for the grace to grin and bear it!

Even if they cry, their time of suffering can win rich rewards for themselves and for those they love.

Help me, Lord, to be brave when I feel like caving in. I am very conscious of Your presence in my life.

Love bears all things. —1 Cor 13:6

When Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb in 1879, there were many failures along the way. At one point, his assistant in a fit of frustration, urged him to give up. “We have gone through thousands of experiments,” he said, “and they have all failed.” Edison snapped back, “Failed, no. We have learned thousands of experiments that do not work. We’re getting closer.”

Perseverance is the way to success.

Prayer. Dear Lord, I know the joy and celebration that awaits those who persevere. Help me to endure all things and plod along with confidence in reaching my goals.

No one lights a lamp to hide it in a corner . . . ; he places it on a stand so that all may see. —Lk 11:33

Holiness reveals itself in the last analysis as the fullness of life. It is expressed in the form of boundless happiness.

It is the reflection of the light of Christ and God.

Immerse me in Your light, O Lord. Let me feel You in my body, mind, heart, and soul.

Love is never obnoxious. . . .
—1 Cor 13:5a

Human judgment is so often clouded by feelings. We judge other people, and even ourselves, not so much on the objective evidence, but on feelings.

Put aside those bad feelings. Just laugh at them. Love your neighbor no matter how badly you might feel.

Lord, help me to be polite when I feel like being rude.

Behold, we are now going up to Jerusalem. -Mk. 10:33

Reflection. God is on your side. How do you know that? You know it because He loves you, and He wants to give you the fullness of joy. He told you that at the Last Supper. Fill your life with meaning, and trust that with God’s help there will be a happy outcome.

Prayer. With You at my side, Lord, all things are possible.

Trust your own judgment, for you have no counselor more reliable for you. -Sir. 37:13

Reflection. “We cannot begin to know ourselves until we can see the real reasons why we do the things we do” (Thomas Merton). Take the time to think about your underlying motives and prejudices. Then pray for the grace to do God’s Will in all your decisions.

Prayer. I want to be holy in Your sight, O Lord. Tell me what I have to do to improve.

And when you stand in prayer, forgive whatever you have against anybody.
—Mt 5:24

Reflection. In her book, Something More, Catherine Marshall writes about a time when she and her husband had problems that seemed to resist their prayers; they decided to act literally on Jesus’ words, “And when you stand in prayer, forgive everyone.”

So each day they spent time putting on paper any grievances they had against anybody. They read them aloud, forgave the persons involved, then destroyed the paper.

Prayer. Dear Jesus, help me to replace my emotional baggage with a forgiving heart. I will feel so much lighter.

The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him, those who place their hope in His kindness. -Ps. 147:11

Reflection. Joseph Cardinal Bernardin once wrote: “The Risen Christ is with you this day. He continues to need you…He needs your hands to continue blessing others. He needs your heart to continue loving those in need.”

Prayer. Holy Spirit of Love, You are present within me; teach me to enjoy Your presence.