The fear of failure dominates the thinking of many people. People tend to become perfectionists in order to avoid failing. This nervous condition can lead to self-sabotage in a thousand ways. But isn’t it true nobody can be perfect? We all have to live with our imperfections, and still love ourselves in the process.

I knew a forty-year old woman who quit college years earlier because she was afraid of failing her first set of exams. Instead of trusting herself to pass the exam, she just didn’t show up. In fact she dropped out of school entirely. This type of fear caused her problems throughout her entire life. She didn’t know how to cope, and didn’t have faith enough to trust her fears to the Lord.

Faith brings with it a new confidence. Once you know that you are loved, good things begin to happen. Faith teaches us  that “God loves us; and God gives us the grace we need to succeed. Patience and trust are the keys to a peaceful life. There is no need to be afraid.”

The words “Do not be afraid,” are repeated 365 times in the Bible. They are words of wisdom coming directly from God. Once we believe them, and act on them, we can become more secure and peaceful.

There are many kinds of fear. For instance, jealousy and envy are forms of fear. Jealousy is the worry that someone is taking what is rightfully yours. Envy is sadness over the good fortune of another; it is a fear that you are not getting your fair share.

The fear of failing goes to the heart of all our fears. We don’t want to lose what we perceive to be necessary for our happiness.

But think about it. Do you really need what you think you need? Or do you merely think you want it?

How sad it is to fear losing something that you don’t really need. Think it through! Let go of the fears that weigh you down.

Making progress may take time, but your patience and trust in the Lord will carry your through. Prayer will put you in touch with God’s power. Ask for the gift of a true faith, and God will eventually do for you what you cannot yet do for yourself.

Once you build up a solid level of trust in God, your soul will soar.

Here is a prayer written by St. Teresa of Avila. It may help you along the way:

Dear Lord, let nothing disturb me, let nothing cause me fear. Teach me that trust and patience obtains all.