Back in 1977, I learned that a Catholic, multi-media organization called The Christophers, was searching for a new director. I had been an admirer of their founder, Father James Keller, ever since I was a teenager.

Communications was the mission of this New York City based media organization. They were basically two companies under one umbrella: a radio/television production company, and a publishing house, which produced spiritual books and pamphlets.

To get that job would be a dream come true because of my college ambition to get into television production, but I knew I didn’t have a chance. Working as a Catholic priest in various parishes for the past 17 years, and being in charge of the Marriage Tribunal of the Diocese of Paterson for the past ten years, hardly gave me the media experience they needed.

I thought, “why even bother to apply?” sabotaging my chances from the outset. Also, I didn’t feel worthy of being Father Keller’s successor. This negativity killed my initial enthusiasm right off the bat. For three weeks I did nothing, until once morning a burst of energy hit me. I suddenly thought, “what have I got to loose?”

Immediately I wrote a letter applying for the position. This avalanche of courage took over before I had a chance to question it any further.

Looking back I now see that it was a grace from God. Actual grace is defined as a light to the mind, and an impulse to the will. God influences us without taking away our freedom away. Once I realize that the only thing holding me back from applying was my fear of being rejected, I jumped at the opportunity.

Through God’s grace, I was given new purpose and direction. I see now that it’s very important to see the connection between God’s grace, and our own private lives. Fear and insecurity can not be allowed to prevail, not ever.

Theology becomes a living reality when we understand that grace is a personal gift from God, helping us to be happy and productive.

A year after I applied for the job, and many interviews later, the board of directors chose me to be the new director. I was both flabbergasted and jubilant.

Isn’t God’s grace amazing?

For the next 18 years I did radio and television shows, wrote books and articles, and gave talks around the world, bringing the Christopher message to literally millions of people. One of the themes of our programs we this, “There is no one like you, and you can make a difference.” God is always acting in our lives; sometimes subtly, and sometimes in dramatic ways.

Dear Lord, help me to have the courage to follow my dreams. Thank you for being there to help me.