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Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your Name.  – Mt 6:9

Reflection.  Jesus never taught us to say, “My Father Who art in heaven…” He called us to worship as a people, in a faith community.  Once a week, at least, remember to keep holy the Sabbath day by attending Holy Mass, if your health permits.

Prayer.  Dear Lord, give me the grace to attend Mass regularly.  

The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall lack.  He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me to tranquil streams.  – Ps 23:1-2

Reflection.  Even though you walk through the valley of darkness, do not fear any evil for the Lord is with you to comfort you.  Open yourself to the God of all consolation.

Prayer.  Jesus, You are the Good Shepherd.  Help me to remember that You are near. 

Place your hope in the Lord; be strong and courageous in your heart, and place your hope in the Lord.  – Ps 27:14

Reflection.  God has promised strength to make up for your weakness, and light to lead you in those times of darkness.  Grace from above is there for the asking.  Why do you worry so?

Prayer.  Lord, I need to be more trusting.  You are always with me, but sometimes I forget.  Increase my trust.

If God is for us, who can be against us?  He did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for all of us.  – Rom 8:31

Reflection.  There are many mechanical parts to a seafaring ship.  Alone, all of them would sink immediately, but when they are in their proper place the ship floats.  So it is with you.  Your dark side could sink you in a second.  Fortunately, the Lord has arranged everything so that your grace-filled soul will float up to heaven.

Prayer.  Dear Lord, I put my hope in You.  

God raised this Jesus to life.  Of that, we are all witnesses.  – Acts 2:32

Reflection.  Remember the words of St. Paul, “I live, no not I, but Christ lives in me.”  That idea is literally true.  The transforming power of Jesus Christ is active in you right now.  Accept and celebrate the glory that is in you.

Prayer.  Father, let me feel the power of Jesus living in my mind, body, and spirit.  

O Lord, You are kind and forgiving, filled with kindness for all who cry to You.  – Ps 86:5

Reflection.  Did you know that 75% of the people who go for psychotherapy do it because of guilt feelings?  To offset guilt, remember that God is nothing but mercy and forgiveness.

Prayer.  Dear Lord, I know You forgive me; help me to forgive myself.  

He will have pity on the lowly and the poor; the lives of the needy He will save.  – Ps 72:13

Reflection.  The poor are usually those who are lowly, oppressed, and without power.  You may not be materially poor, but are you in need of God’s strength for any reason?  As soon as you tell Him about it, the Lord God is at your side.  Things will get better immediately.

Prayer.  Father, into Your hands I commend my spirit.  

Why, O God, have you cast us off forever?  Why does Your anger blaze forth against the sheep of Your pasture?  – Ps 74:1

Reflection.  The mystery of God’s silence, when tragedy strikes, is terribly disturbing for everyone.  But take heart, Jesus has come to establish justice.  Give Him time, and you will understand.  All will be well.

Prayer.  Dear Jesus, on the Cross You asked “Why?”  I know I am not greater than You.  Teach me to accept my perplexity graciously.

When you cried out to Me in distress, I rescued you.  – Ps 81:8

Reflection.  The Lord freed His people from slavery.  He blessed them with manna in the desert.  “Why are you so frightened, O you of little faith?” (Mt 8:26).

Prayer.  Jesus, rescue me from my doubts and fears; help me to live joyfully.


God, be gracious to us and bless us and let Your face shine upon us. – Ps 67:2

Reflection.  In Hebrew, God’s face shining upon a person means that he is smiling and approving of you.  When a “face shines” it is an idiom for a smile.  What a lovely thought.  God is smiling at you right now.

Prayer.  Dear Lord, how grateful I am for Your gracious smile.