They shall know that I, the Lord, am their God.  – Ezek 34:30

Reflection.  He was born in an obscure village / the child of a peasant woman. / He grew up in still another village, / where He worked in a carpenter shop / until He was thirty. / Then for three years / He was an itinerant preacher. / He never wrote a book. / He never held an office … / He was nailed to a Cross / between two thieves. / While He was dying, / His executioners gambled for His clothing, / the only property He had on earth. / When He was dead, / He was laid in a  borrowed grave / through the pity of a friend. / Nineteen centuries have come and gone, / and today He is the central figure / of the human race.   – One Solitary Life

Prayer.  Jesus, Your life is an inspiration to me.  I bow before You as I await Your coming at Christmas.