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God … takes pleasure in seeing His servants in peace.  - Ps 35:27

Reflection. Is it not true that a good father will delight in the well-being of his children?  So it is with God.  He delights in your well-being, and expresses deep concern over your sadness.  Lift up your heart and have a new confidence.

Prayer. Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.  I place my trust in You.  In Your Will I find my peace.

Resentment kills the fool, and indignation slays the simple.  - Job 5:2

Reflection. When a person gets angry with God, God’s nature does not change.  God is Unchanging Love.  He always returns good for evil, and love for hatred.  We, on the other hand, establish our own criteria for God.  If He does not do as we expect, we walk away from Him.  Ultimately, it is we who create our own hell as we withdraw from God’s love.  The flower needs the sun.

Prayer. Let Your Light shine on me, O Lord, deliver me from my resentments.  There are times when I do not think I can ever get over these feelings, but I know You will heal me.

Indeed, in our hearts we felt that we were under a sentence of death.  This was designed to show us that we must put our trust not in ourselves but in God.  - 2 Cor 1:9

Reflection. Relief comes to those who call upon the Name of the Lord at the first sign of trouble.  First feel the pain and own it.  Then turn it over to the Lord.  You are never alone.  Sit back and be glad because of His strength.  All will be well.

Prayer. Dear Jesus, I call on You right now.  Thank You for being my Protector.

Jesus replied, “Blessed … are those who hear the Word of God and put it into practice.” - Lk 11:28

Reflection. Jesus asks us to act upon His words, and we know we can because, with God’s help, everything is possible.  The trick is getting yourself in a frame of mind where you can truly enter into His life, and take positive constructive action.  It is not enough to believe, one must also obey.  That means one must act.

Prayer. Jesus, Lord of my life, open my eyes and ears that I may drink in Your wisdom and grow in Your love.

And whenever you stand in prayer, forgive whatever grievance you have against anybody, so that you Father in heaven may forgive your wrongs too. - Mk 11:25

Reflection. Forgiveness bears good fruit, and certainly banishes resentment, the enemy of joy.  When resentment and guilt are dropped, things being to happen — both to the forgiver and to the forgiven.  It is like opening a dam and letting the water flow.  Power is released.

Prayer. Holy Spirit, soul of my soul, help me to forgive everyone who has ever hurt me.  Liberate me from my resentment and from my hurt that I may have life, and life in abundance.

Come, you who are blessed by My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you … For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink.        - Mt. 25:35

Reflection. Most people cannot reach out to the poor because they are afraid — of them, their neighborhoods, even their children.  When fear begins to breed division, it becomes a spiritual problem.  We are victims of our own fears when we allow them to shape our decisions and our personality.

Prayer. Lord, You alone can give me the grace to see beyond my present fears.  Help me to be compassionate to those in need so that I do not dwell so much on my own miseries.

Above all, maintain the fervor of your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.  - 1 Pet 4:8

Reflection. Jesus taught us to go out of ourselves and unite with others in bonds of caring.  Do not let your possessions hold you back.  He said, “Come and follow Me.”  The Gospel injunction of renunciation is at the heart of all Christian teaching.

Prayer. Dear Lord, You have said that much will be forgiven for those who love much.  Thank You for this teaching.  I need it.

Rejoice with those who rejoice.  Weep with those who weep.  Be of one mind toward one another.     - Rom 12:15-16

Reflection. Teilhard de Chardin spoke of suffering as the very means of return, discovery, and growth.  I think he meant that death itself, and everything that leads up to it, is a doorway to a new age.  Today many people cannot face suffering.  They retreat from it because they do not understand it.  Consequently, many become mentally sick.  It is better to face the pain as Jesus did.  Christ turned His suffering into an act of love.

Prayer. Jesus, there are many who carry a heavier cross than I.  Help me to weep with them, so that later, we may rejoice together with You in Your Kingdom.

You will keep them in perfect peace whose mind is fixed on You, because they trust You.  - Isa 26:3

Reflection. I wrote the following when I was feeling low:

“I am not alone for God is always with me.

I am not afraid for God is protecting me.

I am forgiven everything for God is loving me.

I will bear good fruit for God is helping me.

I will persevere for God is sustaining me.

I will be saved for God is calling me.”

Prayer. Dear Jesus, You know that I love You.  I am trying day by day to rise above my petty fears, and little by little I am succeeding.  Thank You for Your grace.

Fight the good fight of the faith … Take hold of the life eternal to which you have been called.   - 1 Tim 6:12

Reflection. In the mystical revelations of Bl. Henry Suso written in 1327, God said: “Do you not know that I wish only what is best for you, more earnestly than you do yourself?”

“If you were forever bathed in the heavenly dew of spiritual sweetness … this would not oblige Me to you nor make Me your debtor as does loving suffering or resignation in hardship.”

Prayer. Lord, I praise You for Your wisdom.  Help me to love the Cross and give me the wisdom to see suffering as a hidden blessing.