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Dear Friends in Christ:

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– Fr. John Catoir, JCD

Be not afraid … because I am with you to deliver you.  – Jer 1:8

Reflection.  The road to mediocrity is paved with good intentions.  Be a doer, not merely a hearer of the word of God.  Do not be afraid to act.  God will bless you for your efforts to please Him.

Prayer.  Holy Spirit, fill my soul with the confidence that I may please You in all I do.  

We are regarded … as unknown men, and nevertheless we are well known; as dying, and behold we live on; as scourged, but we are not put to death; as sorrowful, and yet we are always rejoicing.  – 2 Cor 6:8-10

Reflection.  We all have to bear crosses in this life.  Trying to live a responsible and meaningful life won’t be easy.  It takes courage.  Once you understand that crosses are a normal part of life, it all becomes less difficult to manage.

Prayer.  Dear Jesus, protect me from self-pity; help me to be courageous.  

You shall not bear any grudges against anyone, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself.  – Lev 19:18

Reflection.  Resentment is very understandable.  Some hurts run so deep that they are almost impossible to shrug off.  But the one who suffers the most from a spirit of revenge is you.  Why carry such a needless burden?

Prayer.  Dear Jesus, You forgave Your tormentors.  Help me to forgive mine.  

Encourage one another and strengthen one another.  – 1 Thes 5:11

Reflection.  Words of support can help heal a weary heart, and inspire perseverance in someone who is falling into despair.  Be a comfort to others, when you see the need.

Prayer.  Dear Jesus, I want to please You; help me to lift others up and not put them down.  

Come away with Me, by yourselves, to a deserted place and rest for a while.  – Mk 6:31

Reflection.  There is a direct link between the physical and the spiritual states of your being.  You are one person, body and soul.  Take care of your soul, and your health will prosper.  Prayer will help you to cope with the ups and downs of life.

Prayer.  Lord, help me to treat my body as a tabernacle of Your Holy Spirit.  

There are times when your recovery will be in the hands of a physician. – Sir 38:13

Reflection.  People live longer today because of advanced medical science, but God is the one who gives the doctors the skills they need when they are working.  Always seek sound medical advice, but pray for your doctor, that he or she may be guided by the Lord.

Prayer.  Dear Lord, help me to receive the best care possible from my doctor.  

God our Savior … desires everyone to be saved and to come to full knowledge of the truth.  – 1 Tim 2:4

Reflection. Perhaps this explains why you have received the cross you must carry.  By your union with Jesus, you are sharing in the work of Redemption.  Maybe the soul of a loved one is being saved by your life.

Prayer. Lord, I am baffled by the mystery of suffering.  Help me to do all in my power to lighten my burden, but in the end help me to surrender to my destiny.  Your love for me is my greatest gift.  Thank you.

If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off.  – Mk 9:42

Reflection. Does Christ expect you to mutilate yourself?  Certainly not.  Even the strictest fundamentalist would admit that we cannot take this passage literally.  We must, however, do everything in our power to attain the Kingdom.

Prayer. Father, once again I am painfully aware that I am not capable of saving myself.  That is why I am so indebted to You, so grateful and joyful because of the knowledge of Your love.

The wonders of the Lord can neither be diminished nor increased nor are they possible to fathom.  – Sir 18:6

Reflection.  Friendship heightens the joys of prosperity and softens the sorrows of adversity.  Be a friend to God, and He will be a friend to you.

Prayer.  Dear Lord, a friend is often the best medicine.  Help me to make You a faithful friend.