When he calls to Me, I will answer, and I will be with him in time of distress.  - Ps 91:15

Reflection.  Prayer is as individual as a handprint.  Kindergarten youngsters in one Milwaukee class made individual handprints as gifts for Father’s Day.  One little girl presented hers to her dad and said, “This is me.  There’s no other hand like mine in the world.”  You do not have to imitate anyone else to please the Lord.  Just be yourself.

Prayer.  Dear Jesus, I am smiling in my heart.  Thank you for being my secret lover.

Your kindness is a greater joy than life itself.  - Ps 63:3

Reflection.  Talking to God is like talking with a friend.   A friend is one who accepts us as we are, when we are at our best or at our worst.  God is like that.  He sees through the unreal image we sometimes present to others, even to ourselves.  He accepts us, warts and all.

Prayer.  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Good News seems too good to be true at times.  And yet I know it is true.  You love me just as I am. 

Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.  - Ps 144:15

Reflection.  Think of a cloudy day.  You may not feel the sun’s warmth on a cloudy day, but you know it is there hiding behind the clouds.  God’s love is like that.  God’s love is unchanging.  It is present whether you feel it or not.  His love is as constant as the sun.  Morning, noon or night, the sun is always shining.

Prayer.  Lord, You are the Source of all Good.  You have created us for Yourself.  You are our destiny.  I love You. 

Where your treasure is, there will your heart also be.  - Mt 6:21

Reflection.  Christians kiss the crucifix in reverence.  They hang it prominently in their homes.  Respectfully, they trace the Sign of His Cross on themselves.  This religious symbol proclaims that there is no greater love in all the world.  By His Death and Resurrection, Jesus has saved the world.

Prayer.  Lord, You laid down Your life that I might live joyfully for all eternity.  You are my greatest treasure. 

In my affliction I called upon the Lord … and from His temple He heard my voice.  - Ps 18:7

Reflection.  Before Archbishop Oscar Romero was martyred he wrote these precious words:  “I am obliged to give my life for those I love who are all Salvadorians, even those that are going to assassinate me.  If they complete their threats, then I offer to God my blood for the redemption of El Salvador.  Martyrdom is a grace from God that I do not merit.  But if God accepts the sacrifice of my life, my blood must be the seed of liberty and a sign of hope that will soon be a reality … if they kill me, I forgive and bless those who do it.”

Prayer.  In You, O Lord, I find my strength. 

While we have the opportunity, let us labor for the good of all, but especially for those members of the household of the faith.  - Gal 6:10

Reflection.  Families are individuals joined by blood or marriage, trying to love one another.  The constant effort of love is difficult.  At times some members of the family have greater needs than others, making them more troublesome to live with.  Don’t give up on them.

Prayer.  Dear Jesus, help me to be patient with my relatives.  None of them is perfect, but then neither am I. 

Let those who suffer as Christians not be ashamed but glorify God under this name.  - 1 Pet 4:16

Reflection.  The Lord did not come to suppress suffering or deny it, but rather to fill it with His presence.  He taught us that all suffering when united with His can glorify God and save souls.

Prayer.  Dear Lord, this is a great mystery, which I believe but do not understand fully.  You chose suffering as the coin that purchased our redemption.  I surrender to Your superior wisdom.

God’s love was revealed in our midst in this way:  He sent His only Son …  that we might have life through Him.  - 1 Jn 4:9

Reflection.  The Lord was made flesh — He became our brother — to save us from our pride, our disorder, our selfish selves.  He tells us that indeed we have great value, that each one of us is precious.  He tells us of God’s Unchanging Love.  He speaks of justice, human dignity, freedom.  Jesus shows the way.

Prayer.  Dear Lord, grant that I may be an extension of Your hands, Your eyes, Your loving Heart in this troubled world.  I delight in knowing that You live in me and act through me.

Everyone who hears My words and does not act upon them will be likened to a foolish person who built a house on sand.  - Mt 7:26

Reflection.  We all must make choices on how we will act in the future.  All the Lord is saying is that we should be wise enough to think about the consequences of our actions.

Prayer.  O Lord, grant me insight into the choices that I make, whether they be life choices or everyday decisions.  Let them all be grounded in You so that they may all build up Your Kingdom.

Jesus … having loved His own who were in the world, loved them to the end.  - Jn 13:1

Reflection.  What a world this would be if every person meditated three times a day on the sentence,  “God loves me!”  Lives would be transformed.  We view live and its harsh realities with rose-colored glasses when we know by faith that we are loved.

Prayer.  Lord Jesus, I hear Your words and I will act upon them by trusting You more and more.  Help me to trust myself in the process.

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